Apr. 10th, 2009

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Well, so ends Xander's first week at day care. He is adapting to it very well. That they had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday just before he left I am sure is going to be a major plus. He was a little hesitant at first, but when I led him into the playground and showed him what to do, did he ever get into the spirit of things. His basket was full in no time. Of course, the big trick is not letting him eat the whole thing all at once. He'd like to, but then again, so did all of us when we were little.

He found his play wallet just now. He loves to have money in hand for his own comfort. Don't know the origin of this behavior, but I think it is because one of the things his foster family did was take him to the local arcade to play the basketball game. (And he is a very good shot!) I think that is where that came from. The good news is that Kaiser came through with the insurance and we received his ID card in the mail yesterday.

Life is settling down into a routine finally. I'll be going back to work on Monday but I'll need to leave early to take him in for yet another physical. We got a copy of his last blood test, so hopefully he won't need to be stuck for a blood draw. He need to be immunized for meningitis. That will be a fun time, I'm sure.

This weekend we're looking for an Easter Egg Hunt to take Xander to. There's one at the Torrance Community Center I need to call about. Hopefully they'll still have space available.

And so it continues. Now I'm off to watch more Sponge Bob... Oh yea! Donna comes home early today because of Passover. It is definitely an interesting experience to be working for a company that offers the Jewish holidays off as well as the more traditional holidays. It should be quite a learning experience.

New Phone

Apr. 10th, 2009 09:28 am
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Ah yes, I almost forgot. The time came to retire the old Sidekick 3 last weekend. It served well, but had a few shortcomings especially with the web browser. It got the job done, but it was really slow like an old dial up connection.

So we went to the T-Mobile store and I acquired the new phone: the Google G-1. It is similar in nature to the iPhone, but has some features that I like. A keyboard for texting is just one of those features. It uses the 3G network, so Internet is fast and the browser runs really well. The touchscreen makes looking at things a breeze and I have the YouTube channel available. It has limits, but it is a cell phone after all, so I'll take it.

It has a memory card (1 Gig comes with the phone) that is upgradeable. I have to upload some music to it soon because I can use it to play mp3s and other music files. I've downloaded a bunch of free apps already, the favorite by far in Xander's eyes is the Cowbell. (Yes, I have a cowbell on my phone, much fun insued)

Now, if they would come up with an app for an address book and I'll be happy for quite a while.

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