Apr. 20th, 2009

unclejimbo: (Xander)
Well, it has been a month (plus on day) home with Xander. He's adapted to things remarkably well. He's picking up English words very quickly and it seems to understand when I say something to him even though use of the words are random so far. Favorite words so far, grandma, cookie, McDonald's, doggie, kitty and FOREVER. (Sometimes, Sponge Bob is not a good thing. Plus he's discovered Naruto and likes it! @.@)

We've been having so much fun with our cat Ai-chan. She's been so stressed out for the last month that she quit eating and lost a bunch of weight. Now she did have it to lose, but the way she did it was very unhealthy and resulted in the kitty equivalent to anorexia. Her liver is also affected so we have to syringe feed her several times a day to try and get her to put weight back on. It seems to be working, she's managed to gain 1/2 and ounce since we started hand feeding her last week. Now if she'd only start to eat more regularly on her own. She's a stubborn girl and at 9 years old, she's had lots of practice being stubborn.

Donna's sick with bronchitis, again. It seems to be a continuation of the bug that bit her when we got home. She's on antibiotics and is slowly getting better. I hope it doesn't take too long, she sounds miserable.

First Sunday back to work went okay. Still it is a pain when they under-staff us at the hospital and expect us to keep things going as if there were a full staff present. It sure makes getting lunches done interesting. And not in the nice way.

Just been so busy with things related to the house and the kiddo, it makes it so hard to post regularly. Hope to improve in time. Discovered that he likes to sit on my lap and watch me play Pokemon Platinum. He's a button pusher, so I have to keep a finger over the power switch to prevent it from suddenly going dark.

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