Aug. 4th, 2009

unclejimbo: (fuzzy future)
Well, this afternoon was a total fail. Got off work right on time and was heading out to pick up Xander from school when I felt a thud and shudder while getting on the freeway. It felt like I lost power steering and when I looked I saw that my temp gauge was all the way up into the hot range. So I lost my water pump and a/c as well.

The culprit? A busted belt in the engine that took out another belt along the way. I nursed it to a gas station and called in AAA. Donna found me a repair shop in Bellflower to have the car towed to, I just had to make it there by 5 pm.

Thankfully, the tow truck arrived in time and we made it with time to spare. The shop even has an arrangement with Hertz for a rental at $30 a day. Not too bad.

Hopefully, all that will be needed is to replace the belts and nothing bad has happened to my engine. All good thoughts are appreciated.

Now off to bed.

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