Aug. 16th, 2009

unclejimbo: (Xander)
Well, today is a new milestone in more than one way. Today is 5 months since 'Gotcha Day'. It seems like no time has passed and an eternity at the same time. Donna and Xander are doing so much better together and he now identifies himself as Xander Bell. True, but he will always be Yang I.

This morning, he climbed into bed with us to snuggle which is becoming more and more his habit on the weekends. When I laid him down for a bit this morning, he said I was HIS BaBa (daddy). (Y'know, I'll probably miss him calling me that if/when he transitions over to daddy or dad or something. Donna likely will remain Mama for a while but he has been using Mommy on occasion too.)

Today I discovered he knows the days of the week. I asked him what day it was today and he said Monday. Then rattled off all of the days of the week. Holy Cow, man, this kid is a smart one and has only been here 5 months and can do that. Yikes! He can count to 20 on his own and is using more and more words every day. He even wanted to know last night about the Space Station. He knew it was REALLY high up and there were people in it and he wanted to know what they were doing.

Milestones. We measured him today and he's grown a full inch since he got here and when he eats, he eats it all gone. He'll even remind me if I forget his medicine. (I'll be happy when we can finish that course of antibiotics off and I'm sure so will he. Thankfully, Kaiser co-pay for the meds is only $5.)

Of course, I would be remiss in not mentioning that today is his 4th birthday. We have a party planned and there will be cake and ice cream and puppies. A good time should be had by all.

So happy birthday Xander. I love you.

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