Aug. 29th, 2009

unclejimbo: (jim and xanxan)
Well, I kept my promise to Xander and we both went down to Hermosa Beach for some fun in the sand and surf. Pity I wasn't able to bring a camera. Guess I'll need to bring Donna along next time.

We had a great time building a sand castle. If I only didn't have to wear this stupid wrist brace I would have made a better wall for the castle. Ah well, he was happy with it anyways.

I don't think Xander has ever been to the beach to play in the waves. I held onto him tightly to make sure he wasn't pulled in with the receding waters. Even so, he was laughing and giggling like crazy as he was drenched repeatedly by our lovely Pacific Ocean.

We had lunch a but late, but he had a great appetitie today. He ate everything without a fuss and we drove around a bit so he'd nod off for his nap.

So, all's good for this Friday. Tomorrow, off to the SIL's house for some swimming and dinner. We're planning on getting haircuts in the morning and since I haven't had one since we went to Taiwan, it is surely needed.

Now off to bed. Tomorrow's forcast, HOT.

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