Mar. 15th, 2009

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Got up this morning and the breakfast offered by the hotel here in Tainan was if anything bigger than the hotel in Taoyuan. Delightful and part if the cost of our stay.

After breakfast, we went and talked to the Concierge to see what would be the best way to get down to Dong Gong to get pictures of the hospital where Xander was born. Public transportation was quickly ruled out because it would take more time than we had and there was no guarantee that we'd find the place and be back here before our appointment at St. Lucy's in the morning. Instead, he suggested a taxi but then after a bit of thought offered the use of one of the hotel limos (with a driver) to take us down to get the pictures. Total cost NT$ 4000 (about $100 US). The total time spent, about 3 1/2 hours to get down there, get our pictures and then come back to the hotel.

After dinner tonight, we went to the desk to firm up our plans for checking out tomorrow. The problem is that our appointment at St. Lucy's is at 10 am and our checkout is at 12. Well, we talked it over and the fellow at the desk told us as long as we're back before 1:30 pm, it will be no problem. So one less worry out of the way.

If you are ever in Tainan, the Tayih Landis Hotel is probably one of the best places you could ask to stay at. These folks will take good care of you! Great staff and a really good value.

So, off to bed soon. We meet Xander in the morning!
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Up early, got to love jet lag. (Not!)

All the waiting and stuff is almost over. We meet our son today. *wow!*

Donna calling home on Skype to check messages to see if anything important has come to light. We're both up and ready to go for the most part, it is just so darned early, the only thing open is the 7-11. Ah well, that's what the Internet is for, ya?

It is going to be a busy day. First to get over to St. Lucy's to pick up Xander, then run back to the hotel to check out, Then head over to the High Speed Rail station for a quick trip up to Taoyuan and THEN check back into our first hotel... @.@ Plus I'll be lugging the Bruiser's (our luggage) along while Donna wrangles the kiddo. Ought to be an interesting day, now if only I could get rid of this headache and the butterflies in my stomach.

Do all expectant fathers/parents feel this way before things get started? I imagine so, it just feels weird. I suppose it is like when you're on a new roller coaster and awaiting your fate... ^^

More on the day later, I imagine once we get resettled. Hopefully we don't scare him too badly today. I hope he had a great day yesterday with his foster parents. Anything to make this transition for him easier is always welcome.

Time now 3:45 am on Monday in Taiwan.

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