Apr. 29th, 2009

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This has been coming for some time, so it really did not come as a surprise. My mother told me today that they are putting my grandfather on hospice care. They've delivered a hospital bed to his home in Clinton and he'll be back home tomorrow for as long as he has left.

My mother is already there along with my aunt Dollena and my uncles. (My mom was the oldest of 8, you see...) One uncle is a LVN and my mom is a retired RN so there is no shortage of good help to be had and the hospice team I imagine will be the one who helped care for my grandmother in her final days.
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In other news, Xander has several new words in his arsenal. Today I heard 'ukelele', 'banana', and for the first time him speaking in a sentence about something happening: 'mama home'. He fell asleep on my lap without hardly any struggle tonight. I love that little guy. It is going to be several interesting years to come in my life I can see.

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