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Well, Christmas is over and I think Xander is just about ready to head back to school. Poor little guy is getting cabin fever. I think he misses his friends.

He's looking forward to his "share day" when he gets back. His only problem, which toy does he bring first? He is now the proud owner of an Optimus Prime Transformer, a REALLY large firetruck, and Iron Man that transforms into an airplane and a Spider Man that transforms into a helicopter. Add this to LEGOs and a Nintendo DS, well, he had a good Christmas.

Best of all was that he slept peacefully all night long. I think he understands that Donna and I are his family now and that he's not going to be going away ever again. I am very happy about that. It hurts when he's that afraid. I'm glad to see that he's feeling more comfortable about things.

I found a new food processor for Donna, as well as a Tom Tom GPS for her car. She promptly found the file to add John CLeese's voice to the device which made the drive home from SIL's place much more entertaining. ("Bear Right, Beaver Left. Bear Right, Beaver Left") It was even more amusing because Xander wanted to know where the voice was coming from. We kept telling him that it was coming from the box mommy was holding, but I don't think it quite clicked. Ah well, another funny story to lock away for the future.

Donna surprised me Christmas morning with a flat screen HD-TV for our room. Only 19", but more than ample for our needs. We hooked up one of our DVD players as well, so we can watch movies when Xander is asleep. I am also the proud owner of a PSP. Pretty neat, now all I need is to find some movies in that format.

So next on our plates it the hearing in 3 weeks to make things official. Then Xander will be officially Alexander-Paul as opposed to Yang I. All we need now is someplace to get matching Hawaiian shirts to wear to court.

Also need to plan for next year... SIL gets the gag gift next. I'm still thinking wood.

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