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Okay people, I know that feelings are running hot because we all support our favorite candidates. But lets all remember the big picture before we all go off half cocked.

According to the latest Gallup poll, 28% of Clinton supporters and 19% of Obama supporters state they would vote for John McCain if their candidate was not the nominee.

Folks. If McCain get into the White House, we will have more of the same that we have suffered through for the last 8 years. McCain has signed onto just about all of George W. Bush's policies most notoriously the ones regarding torture. Do we REALLY want that for ourselves and our children?

Well, do you? Be honest now.

That's what I thought. Think about this clearly people. Even though I have real reservations about a President Hillary, if she were to get the nod in Denver, I would vote for her. I'd prefer Obama, but to be honest, I would have preferred Edwards over them both. Just sayin'.

We have a lot of work to do, and if another Republican gets into the White House, we will lose the rest of the Supreme Court for at least a generation. That means bye-bye civil rights, the right to choose, the right to privacy in our homes and on the internet... All of it. Gone. Probably for good and you can forget about anyone prosecuting Bush/Cheney and their cronies.

So... What is your choice out there? It's time for us all to forget about 'ME' for a bit and to put the needs of our community, our country and our world first.

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