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Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq
Here's the Juicy bits. )

Now, it can be argued that this is primarily geared to those committing acts of 'violence' that undermine the efforts in Iraq. Of course, if there are acts of violence at a peaceful demonstration, could this order be invoked against the people who organized and/or participated?

Dangerous stuff and written in legalese that insured there is enough wiggle room to make it sound reasonable.

And I don't trust these bastards at all.
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Whether or not you support or despise the Bush Administration, such as it is, there are certain precepts in our Constitution that apply to all Presidents and their staffs.

When Congress wants to talk to you, you have to show up.

Harriette Miers did not do this and now she is in deep doodoo.(Story HERE!!) She was told by Bush she didn't have to talk to Congress because he said so... Ie. he stated that he could use Executive Privilege to prevent her or other members of his staff from testifying under oath before the House and Senate.

Way wrong answer.Congress Moves Toward Contempt Citation

And for everyone's reference. I did Google this so we all have the correct information before venting spleens and stuff.
Contempt of Congress. What is it?

IMHO: I hope this does blow up in Bush's face so that Ms. Miers is not the only one going to jail over this. Bush has had his way for far too long and he and Cheney need to be reigned in.

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