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Well, so ends Xander's first week at day care. He is adapting to it very well. That they had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday just before he left I am sure is going to be a major plus. He was a little hesitant at first, but when I led him into the playground and showed him what to do, did he ever get into the spirit of things. His basket was full in no time. Of course, the big trick is not letting him eat the whole thing all at once. He'd like to, but then again, so did all of us when we were little.

He found his play wallet just now. He loves to have money in hand for his own comfort. Don't know the origin of this behavior, but I think it is because one of the things his foster family did was take him to the local arcade to play the basketball game. (And he is a very good shot!) I think that is where that came from. The good news is that Kaiser came through with the insurance and we received his ID card in the mail yesterday.

Life is settling down into a routine finally. I'll be going back to work on Monday but I'll need to leave early to take him in for yet another physical. We got a copy of his last blood test, so hopefully he won't need to be stuck for a blood draw. He need to be immunized for meningitis. That will be a fun time, I'm sure.

This weekend we're looking for an Easter Egg Hunt to take Xander to. There's one at the Torrance Community Center I need to call about. Hopefully they'll still have space available.

And so it continues. Now I'm off to watch more Sponge Bob... Oh yea! Donna comes home early today because of Passover. It is definitely an interesting experience to be working for a company that offers the Jewish holidays off as well as the more traditional holidays. It should be quite a learning experience.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 09:53 pm
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Well, we've had Xander for a week and we've been home 4 days. It has been rough in spots.

Xander really loves his foster family. It was mutual and as expected was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. He is a loving little boy who didn't understand why he was being taken away from those he loved. I hope he will understand that there were reasons beyond anyones control. We will keep the pictures his foster family gifted us with and will endeavor to get good translations of the information written in the albums. This is but one of the things we will hold in trust for him as he get older.

He did incredibly well during the flight home. He thought the ginormous airplanes were the coolest thing evah. He slept a good portion of the flight including the take off and landing. (Serious beanbag as we got off the plane and headed for customs/immigration.) There was a meltdown during the flight because he wanted to take off his socks. Sadly the lack of communication made this a much more protracted event than it might have otherwise, the funny thing is; once his socks were off, he went right to sleep.

The last few nights have been challenging because he's been wanting to get up in the middle of the night and did not want to go back to sleep. This was of course the result of the jetlag of traveling from Taipei to LA. Definitely says something for ocean liners. You spend so much time on the boat, you gradually change the timezones and thus no jetlag. Oh well. We've been taking him to the local parks to play in the evenings. Found a nice one on Madrona in Torrance and Xander got his first chance to interact with children here near his own age. He had fun climbing and sliding on slides and going on swings and just having fun. I think I'll have a good roller coaster buddy once he gets older and bigger.

Took him to the pediatric endocrinologist today, she was very nice and even referred us to a good pediatrician who he can see for the more mundane things other than his hypothyroid condition. He had to have a blood test and did not like getting stuck with needles any more than I do. Poor little guy. Still, it will give the doctor a good idea of what his hormone levels are and if we need to increase the dosage of his thyroid meds. After the doctor, Donna needed to stop off at work to get some paperwork filled out so Xander will be on her insurance by Friday when we go and see the regular pediatrician. The folks at her job all agreed that Xander was the cute.

Xander is a good little boy. He's polite, fully potty trained, a bit naughty but sweet. I think we're getting closer to him being on LA time soon. I hope he does well in daycare, we'll start him a partial day on April 1st, so here's hoping he'll do okay.

As a last thing, here's a picture that [livejournal.com profile] silverkun took this weekend while he helped us get settled from our Odyssey.

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Up early, got to love jet lag. (Not!)

All the waiting and stuff is almost over. We meet our son today. *wow!*

Donna calling home on Skype to check messages to see if anything important has come to light. We're both up and ready to go for the most part, it is just so darned early, the only thing open is the 7-11. Ah well, that's what the Internet is for, ya?

It is going to be a busy day. First to get over to St. Lucy's to pick up Xander, then run back to the hotel to check out, Then head over to the High Speed Rail station for a quick trip up to Taoyuan and THEN check back into our first hotel... @.@ Plus I'll be lugging the Bruiser's (our luggage) along while Donna wrangles the kiddo. Ought to be an interesting day, now if only I could get rid of this headache and the butterflies in my stomach.

Do all expectant fathers/parents feel this way before things get started? I imagine so, it just feels weird. I suppose it is like when you're on a new roller coaster and awaiting your fate... ^^

More on the day later, I imagine once we get resettled. Hopefully we don't scare him too badly today. I hope he had a great day yesterday with his foster parents. Anything to make this transition for him easier is always welcome.

Time now 3:45 am on Monday in Taiwan.
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My wife Donna, (aka [livejournal.com profile] kyburg) scanned the pictures and posted them.

Yes, I too fell in love with his smile. And there is one heck of a personality there...
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Now to try again after being so rudely interrupted. (Cursed Windows!!! YARG!!!)

Donna and I went to see the folks at Heartsent last night to see about adopting children. The ladies doing the interview were very nice and I think they were about as comfortable with us a s adoptive parents as we were with them. We've received the first packets of paperwork to start the process, Donna believed before we went that it could take as long as a year.

So I asked the magic question: "How fast can we be done?"

They told us there was a little boy available in Taiwan that they needed parents for and that they would REALLY like us to be those parents. So if all goes well, we'll be the proud parents of this little guy sometime around August!!!

We're also planning to go to China for a little girl, so things are finally moving in a direction we've wanted.

Wish us luck, folks and stay tuned to either this journal or [livejournal.com profile] kyburg's for more details.

Wow, me a father... What a concept...

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