Aug. 29th, 2008 07:10 pm
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Well, I'm not sorry to see this week go bye-bye.

Started last Sunday with the Day From Hell at work. It's always lovely when the damn computers go down and while you're trying to recover from that outage the hospital decides Everything needs to be done Now! No lunch and I went home late. Ugh!

Monday, more of the same. Finished with a long exam on an inpatient who was mostly unresponsive and the docs wanted everything plus the kitchen sink. Went home late that day too... :(

Tuesday, started off real well. (/sarcasm) I found that someone didn't like my Obama bumper sticker and decided to put a wood screw in my tire. Nothing like a flat tire to start you day, ya? Wound up being only 15 minutes late, but I had to pay out $240 to replace the rear tires.

Wednesday and Thursday, I just kept my head down to stay out of the line of fire. Had a friend of Donna's in from D.C. so we had some time to visit with him. Wish I could have seen the last few nights of the convention, though. I really wanted to see Obama's speech. From all reports, it was incredible.

Today, hung out at home and doing housework. Our new/used freezer arrived and is now out back. Need to find a lock before we put meaty goodness into it. Got official word that our dossier has been approved, translated and sent by Fed-Ex to Taiwan. So now the wait officially begins. The window for travel opens at the end of December but the latest we'll likely travel is in March. (Hmmm... Birthday trip for me? *grins* That has possibilities.)

Tomorrow, cookout for friends out here in LA-la land. Should be a good time, just need to take care of some stuff and lay on supplies. (Also need to set aside money for the trip to Taiwan to go get Xander.)

So all in all, I don't mind this week being over. Here's hoping next week is better.

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