Jun. 19th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Well, today was the 3 month anniversary of having Xander home here in California. The changes are amazing.

We went out to see the doctor for a follow up on the Scarlet Fever. He's feeling much better and his throat isn't red nor swollen anymore. His appetite has returned with a vengeance. (8 Gyoza's for breakfast.) As we walked back to the car, I pointed to the MOB (medical office building) where I work. I asked if he wanted to go to the car or see the folks I work with. His response? See the people.

Every time they make much of him. Today, he had his usual period of shyness but it passed quickly. In the Pain Block clinic, they have a skeleton hanging up so they can show people where the doctor is going to put the needles and stuff. So is my kid bothered by the skeleton? Nuh-uh. He had a wonderful time playing with the hands and stuff.

We took him out for yakitori tonight for dinner. He didn't care for the meatballs so much, but the other chicken skewers were eaten with great enjoyment and he also ate half of the soboro on my plate as well. He fell asleep a well fed, sleepy boy.

He took his medicine with little problems today. Even tonight, right after we got home, he sat in his high-chair and took his ampicyllin without batting an eye. He's still getting the rash at night, but it seems to be lessening. Need to remember to get more hydro-cortisone cream tomorrow.

Language and his adjustment to us is still progressing well. I still think that his having tantrums these last few weeks is in part due to his being more comfortable with us. He came running outside today as I was loading the car because he thought I was getting ready to leave without him... Yeah, as if.

Now for some much needed sleep.
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Well, so ends Xander's first week at day care. He is adapting to it very well. That they had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday just before he left I am sure is going to be a major plus. He was a little hesitant at first, but when I led him into the playground and showed him what to do, did he ever get into the spirit of things. His basket was full in no time. Of course, the big trick is not letting him eat the whole thing all at once. He'd like to, but then again, so did all of us when we were little.

He found his play wallet just now. He loves to have money in hand for his own comfort. Don't know the origin of this behavior, but I think it is because one of the things his foster family did was take him to the local arcade to play the basketball game. (And he is a very good shot!) I think that is where that came from. The good news is that Kaiser came through with the insurance and we received his ID card in the mail yesterday.

Life is settling down into a routine finally. I'll be going back to work on Monday but I'll need to leave early to take him in for yet another physical. We got a copy of his last blood test, so hopefully he won't need to be stuck for a blood draw. He need to be immunized for meningitis. That will be a fun time, I'm sure.

This weekend we're looking for an Easter Egg Hunt to take Xander to. There's one at the Torrance Community Center I need to call about. Hopefully they'll still have space available.

And so it continues. Now I'm off to watch more Sponge Bob... Oh yea! Donna comes home early today because of Passover. It is definitely an interesting experience to be working for a company that offers the Jewish holidays off as well as the more traditional holidays. It should be quite a learning experience.
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Up early, got to love jet lag. (Not!)

All the waiting and stuff is almost over. We meet our son today. *wow!*

Donna calling home on Skype to check messages to see if anything important has come to light. We're both up and ready to go for the most part, it is just so darned early, the only thing open is the 7-11. Ah well, that's what the Internet is for, ya?

It is going to be a busy day. First to get over to St. Lucy's to pick up Xander, then run back to the hotel to check out, Then head over to the High Speed Rail station for a quick trip up to Taoyuan and THEN check back into our first hotel... @.@ Plus I'll be lugging the Bruiser's (our luggage) along while Donna wrangles the kiddo. Ought to be an interesting day, now if only I could get rid of this headache and the butterflies in my stomach.

Do all expectant fathers/parents feel this way before things get started? I imagine so, it just feels weird. I suppose it is like when you're on a new roller coaster and awaiting your fate... ^^

More on the day later, I imagine once we get resettled. Hopefully we don't scare him too badly today. I hope he had a great day yesterday with his foster parents. Anything to make this transition for him easier is always welcome.

Time now 3:45 am on Monday in Taiwan.
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Well, Donna and I went to the baby shower thrown by my in-laws. A fine time was had by all and the gifts were wonderful.

The most amusing toy was a Mach 5 from [livejournal.com profile] catsonmars and his mother. Lord knows I'll have to find a place to hide the batteries when Xander gets here, but for now it will live in his room. Just need to find a toy box in the next month or so.

Didn't see as many as I expected from work. Still, my boss Tim showed up and was terrific. He's probably the best kind of boss you could hope for. I'm glad he's as much a friend as a boss.

Lunch was Chinese take-out. Lots of it and pretty good for fast food.

Then there was the cake. I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] kyburg will post pictures later when she downloads them from her camera. It was a 2+ foot long dragon made of red velvet cake with chocolate icing and butter cream frosting underneath. It looked so cool and was a delicious as it looked. Just soooooo terribly rich! Think about something from Ace of Cakes on Food Network.

All in all, we had lots of fun and nothing too heavy. Just a nice relaxed day with people eating, chatting and having a marvelous time.

Thanks to all who were able to come.

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