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I was able to talk to my mom this morning about going to get Xander next month. She's thrilled and is going to be calling the family that I don't have e-mail/phone #s for. It sometimes is a bit rough to have so much of my family back east. The three hour time difference does make it tough to get hold of people at times. She's going to tell my 96 year old grandfather the good news today. I'm glad he gets to hear about it, I still wish my grandmother had lived to see this day. Seven years gone and I still miss her. I guess I always will.

My younger brother Richard is stoked (I called him last night) and I'll try and get hold of my older brother Chris and his family later today. Donna's family is already up to speed and she'll likely be working a plan with my BIL Brad to knock the price of the airfare down as low as we can get it. Even so, I found airfares to Taipei for around $800 before doing any mojo, so she'll most likely be able to find a way to drop it even more.

We'll be able to work AOD in San Fransisco next weekend. YEA! Once more into the Catherdral Hill, dear friend, once more...

Hmmm... Between the misquoted Shakespeare and the Lion King references in the last post, I hope I get this out of my system before we go and get the kid.

Still, need a few things for the trip. Donna's going to get some clothes and I'll need a good camera bag for the video camera and tripod so it will be ready for the trip.

So much to do, so little time. But at least we now know the time we will be seeing him. WOOT!
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Well, after a fun-filled day at work on Sunday, hurried home to get a last few things ready for the Home Study update for the kiddo. We spent about 3 hours talking, poor lady had to get a second cassette, but all in all things went pretty darned well. Afterwards, Donna and I went out for Sushi. Mmmmm, sushi...

The effort to get the house ready definitely paid off. The back room, minus the crib which is likely to be removed for the near term, hasn't looked better. Still, it does need a toy chest and some kid-sized chairs. Need to look around, saw some at IKEA that might work as well as a nice bed to replace the one in there now.

Work was... Well, work. Another day in the life at Kaiser. What can ya do, eh?

Well, gotta run, more work...


May. 2nd, 2008 06:43 am
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Well, we've signed our lives away. And what do we get?


Here's the older ones with much better resolution )

And yes, the one with him sleeping is one of our favorites! Now off to San Jose!

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