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Well, Christmas is over and I think Xander is just about ready to head back to school. Poor little guy is getting cabin fever. I think he misses his friends.

He's looking forward to his "share day" when he gets back. His only problem, which toy does he bring first? He is now the proud owner of an Optimus Prime Transformer, a REALLY large firetruck, and Iron Man that transforms into an airplane and a Spider Man that transforms into a helicopter. Add this to LEGOs and a Nintendo DS, well, he had a good Christmas.

Best of all was that he slept peacefully all night long. I think he understands that Donna and I are his family now and that he's not going to be going away ever again. I am very happy about that. It hurts when he's that afraid. I'm glad to see that he's feeling more comfortable about things.

I found a new food processor for Donna, as well as a Tom Tom GPS for her car. She promptly found the file to add John CLeese's voice to the device which made the drive home from SIL's place much more entertaining. ("Bear Right, Beaver Left. Bear Right, Beaver Left") It was even more amusing because Xander wanted to know where the voice was coming from. We kept telling him that it was coming from the box mommy was holding, but I don't think it quite clicked. Ah well, another funny story to lock away for the future.

Donna surprised me Christmas morning with a flat screen HD-TV for our room. Only 19", but more than ample for our needs. We hooked up one of our DVD players as well, so we can watch movies when Xander is asleep. I am also the proud owner of a PSP. Pretty neat, now all I need is to find some movies in that format.

So next on our plates it the hearing in 3 weeks to make things official. Then Xander will be officially Alexander-Paul as opposed to Yang I. All we need now is someplace to get matching Hawaiian shirts to wear to court.

Also need to plan for next year... SIL gets the gag gift next. I'm still thinking wood.


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Well, today was the 3 month anniversary of having Xander home here in California. The changes are amazing.

We went out to see the doctor for a follow up on the Scarlet Fever. He's feeling much better and his throat isn't red nor swollen anymore. His appetite has returned with a vengeance. (8 Gyoza's for breakfast.) As we walked back to the car, I pointed to the MOB (medical office building) where I work. I asked if he wanted to go to the car or see the folks I work with. His response? See the people.

Every time they make much of him. Today, he had his usual period of shyness but it passed quickly. In the Pain Block clinic, they have a skeleton hanging up so they can show people where the doctor is going to put the needles and stuff. So is my kid bothered by the skeleton? Nuh-uh. He had a wonderful time playing with the hands and stuff.

We took him out for yakitori tonight for dinner. He didn't care for the meatballs so much, but the other chicken skewers were eaten with great enjoyment and he also ate half of the soboro on my plate as well. He fell asleep a well fed, sleepy boy.

He took his medicine with little problems today. Even tonight, right after we got home, he sat in his high-chair and took his ampicyllin without batting an eye. He's still getting the rash at night, but it seems to be lessening. Need to remember to get more hydro-cortisone cream tomorrow.

Language and his adjustment to us is still progressing well. I still think that his having tantrums these last few weeks is in part due to his being more comfortable with us. He came running outside today as I was loading the car because he thought I was getting ready to leave without him... Yeah, as if.

Now for some much needed sleep.
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Not a lot of time left, spent the tonight getting things packed up and sorted out for the trip on Thursday. Was coming down with something on Sunday night, thought I had beat it down with Zycam.

But now it seems to want to go into Round 2. Suckage! I do not have time to get sick right now. I have to go and get my boy. And I am going come hell or high water or a sore throat. Grrrrr...

This timing just sucks. Blahrgh!

Well, Zycam and OJ will have to be my friends for the next two days. Tomorrow night? Sleep. I have dinner, but I'm planning on keeping it simple. Maybe KFC or something.
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Just got a call from [livejournal.com profile] kyburg, we recieved a bunch of new pictures of Xander today. All posted on [livejournal.com profile] xanxanbell but I'll post them here too for convenience.

OMG OMG, he's looking at us! And he's smiling!

Maybe, just maybe, he'll not want to run away in terror when he meets us in a little less than 3 weeks.

I can see the gears turning in his head from the pictures. I think he's wrapping his head around the idea. It looks awfully good from here.

I mean, wow! That's my son!

(Note to self, need new icons)
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I was able to talk to my mom this morning about going to get Xander next month. She's thrilled and is going to be calling the family that I don't have e-mail/phone #s for. It sometimes is a bit rough to have so much of my family back east. The three hour time difference does make it tough to get hold of people at times. She's going to tell my 96 year old grandfather the good news today. I'm glad he gets to hear about it, I still wish my grandmother had lived to see this day. Seven years gone and I still miss her. I guess I always will.

My younger brother Richard is stoked (I called him last night) and I'll try and get hold of my older brother Chris and his family later today. Donna's family is already up to speed and she'll likely be working a plan with my BIL Brad to knock the price of the airfare down as low as we can get it. Even so, I found airfares to Taipei for around $800 before doing any mojo, so she'll most likely be able to find a way to drop it even more.

We'll be able to work AOD in San Fransisco next weekend. YEA! Once more into the Catherdral Hill, dear friend, once more...

Hmmm... Between the misquoted Shakespeare and the Lion King references in the last post, I hope I get this out of my system before we go and get the kid.

Still, need a few things for the trip. Donna's going to get some clothes and I'll need a good camera bag for the video camera and tripod so it will be ready for the trip.

So much to do, so little time. But at least we now know the time we will be seeing him. WOOT!
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Our day to get Xander is March 16th 2009. So we will be traveling on the 11th or 12th of March to Taipei, Taiwan.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

It is time, finally, it is TIME!!!!!

Further information will be forthcoming. Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers!


Feb. 2nd, 2009 04:21 pm
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Well, spent the weekend sick and am still working on getting over it.

Made work interesting yesterday and today. I was only able to work about 1/2 the day yesterday but muddled through the day today. (Pain Block = Low Impact, thankfully.)

I was so bummed after the Cardinal's defense blew that late lead in the Superbowl. Okay, it was nice work by Pittsburgh, but I was hoping that Kurt Warner could retire as Superbowl Champion one more time. *sigh* Just have to wait until next season if he decides to keep playing. (Hey Bidwell, get a crowbar and pry out some money for better defenders and improving that offense!)

Had [livejournal.com profile] silverkun and [livejournal.com profile] purplexitty over. Wish I was feeling better. Missed out on a lot of fun this weekend it seems. Bummer.

Still waiting for the travel date for the trip to Taiwan. They also serve, those who stand and wait, I suppose. Still, it would be nice to get this thing going. As such, I will be heading out Saturday to the Kaiser Symposia at the Disneyland Hotel. Good for the CEUs and it usually has something interesting to learn about.

Ready to fall down now. Need to recharge batteries for tomorrow.
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cross posted from [livejournal.com profile] kyburg's journal

Yes, here us our cake from the baby shower. Wish you could have smelled it. It just filled the room with the scent of chocolate goodness...

My SIL bought it so sadly I don't know which bakery down here did the work. It was decadently delicious, a mix of red velvet cake, butter cream icing and the chocolate shell. (Think Tootsie Rolls flattened out and shaped to fit, only better.)
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Went to a class this morning about international adoption in Culver City today. Class was good and the fellow giving it, Dr. Feldman, looks to be a good resource to have on hand for the future.

Also saw an Irish Pub just up the street from the class... Lunch!

Donna had the ribs, but I decided to give bangers and mash a go... Mmmm...

We both agreed that the mashed potatoes were REALLY good, and I thought the sausages (bangers) were wonderful and savory. Only downside was the aftertaste: MORE!

The atmosphere was much like the pubs I used to frequent when I served in the Air Force at RAF Alconbury. (Hated the base, loved the area and people)

Was planning on getting the CIS fingerprinting done today, but sadly we ran into a snag - the 405 at rush hour. See Parking Lot for reference.

Today's weather... HOT. Really Hot... Thankfully we don't get the humidity like you get back east or it would be just about unlivable. SO we're off to see Kung Fu Panda at the theater.

Hope things are going good for you folks out there.


May. 2nd, 2008 06:43 am
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Well, we've signed our lives away. And what do we get?


Here's the older ones with much better resolution )

And yes, the one with him sleeping is one of our favorites! Now off to San Jose!
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Went to Heartsent tonight to hand in paperwork and make first installment on payments for the adoption. Thankfully, a lot of what we've already done with the China adoption for our daughter can easily be copied and used on this one as well. Lots less things to worry about, about half I'd say.

Still need to file the I600A forms with CIS and need to get new reservations for LiveScan fingerprinting for us both. Probably will have to be next week after we get back from the Bay area after seeing my mom and brother Richard.

Had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] catsonmars at a nice little place in Pasadena whose name escapes me. (Donna, Tommy, a little help here?)

So far so good. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers folks. And of course, more news as it happens.
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Donna, aka [livejournal.com profile] kyburg, broke the news this afternoon...

We've been approved as foster parents by LA County DCFS.

So now that's done we can proceed with our adoption plans.

Here's to having a kiddo of our own running around sometime in the near future.

In other news, I torqued my back preventing a patient from hitting the floor today. Sitting here with a hot pack on and hoping it'll settle down before tomorrow. My back decided to go while I was cooking dinner. I finished, but I didn't enjoy it much. Thank God for Motrin!

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