May. 23rd, 2009

unclejimbo: (jim and xanxan)
Went to Hermosa Beach today for a street fair. Lovely event, lots of interesting artwork and the music was all live bands playing the old school rock favorites. And they played them well. The event is held right by the ocean so we had an opportunity for something special with Xander. We even found him a pair of sunglasses that he likes, if he wants to wear them upside down, who am I to stop him. *grin*

We went out on the pier to look at the ocean. I don't think Xander has ever seen the ocean before and thought it was really neat. The best part of this was we saw a pod of dolphins swimming just off shore. Donna always says that when I go down to the beach the animals perform for me, well I guess they do it for Xander as well.

The food there was typical street fair food, but it was quite tasty. Sadly, Xander is still at the age where he'll only eat certain things so we had to punt there. *Shrugs* Well, it was time for his nap anyway.

Found a kitten up for adoption that was almost identical to Ai-chan. The only differences were that this was a male and his eyes were green. Yes, I was tempted but we have the three here and adding another right now just wouldn't work. I hope this one finds a new home soon. He had a rough start, getting hit by a car, but is now healthy and ready for a wonderful home.

Went to the insurance place to have the car checked out. It'll have to go into the shop on Friday, but the repairs are fully covered. They were very nice and I was done in about a half an hour. With Xander at daycare, it left me time to catch a movie. I saw Terminator Salvation. Not bad, they did a good job with reintroducing the idea and setting up for the next one which there will likely be if this one makes enough money. They did a great job in the casting of the film. The kid playing Kyle Reese (John Conner's father) looks very much like a young Michael Biehn and boy did he do a great job with the part too.

I'll be working tomorrow. So I hope you all have a great and safe holiday weekend.

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