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This from [livejournal.com profile] reannon.
United States Preventative Services Task Force recommends that screening mammograms and self exams not be done until after age 50 despite the number of women who have been diagnosed much earlier. LINK


As a health care professional, this arbitrary decision about screening mammograms is a bad idea of the first order.

The fact is that screening mammograms between the ages of 40-49 increases the chances of catching breast cancer early by 15%, just as it does with women between 50-59.

There are sometimes false positives in any procedure, including mammography. However, that is why patents are called back if something suspicious on a screening exam so that something more serious can be ruled out or confirmed.

I would ask that everything that can be done to protect female patients from this travesty be done as quickly as possible. It ties in well with the health care debate as once again Insurers have decided that they don't want to cover something because it costs too much.

Please help. I thank you for your time.

Please contact your senators, congress critters and even the President about this. This cannot be allowed to stand. Do it for someone you love.

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