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My opinion? It is a self serving piece of work that tries to use religion as cover for being intolerant.


Let's look at what they're trying to defend.

1. the sanctity of human life Well, there are strong arguments for and against
abortion, which this item is referring to. Sadly, a good number of groups seem to
gloss over the use of Capital Punishment. Does this mean that they say it is wrong to
terminate an unwanted pregnancy, but just fine to off someone who's fully grown? And how
does that relate to your groups resistance to the use of birth control methods including

2. the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife No one is saying
that any religious group who does not want to sanction same sex marriages must do so. The
Separation of Church and State that so many christian groups rail against when they are
are attempting to impose their views on the rest of the country even if they do not agree
protects them from this. We are not a Christian Nation. We are a nation that has several
hundred sects of Christianity, several of which have no problem with sanctifying a
same-sex union.
Also, the 'conjugal union' phrase if troubling. What about couples who cannot have their
own children for whatever reason? Are they not truly married?

3. the rights of conscience and religious liberty You may worship as you wish. You
may not impose your ideology on others by force. That is one of the reasons people fled
Europe for America. The founding fathers did not want religious persecution in this

But to be clear, just because people do not agree with your message and do not listen to
you ramble on about such and so forth is not religious persecution. It is losing the
debate. Frankly, I find it sad that so many religious groups who stood up for civil
and human rights time and again fail to see the point on the issues of our day.

I know there are friends who will not agree with me. These are my points of view only, but this is also how I feel about things. All I will respect your views as long as you respect mine, even where they differ.

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