Feb. 26th, 2009

unclejimbo: (Ai-chan)
Found cause of leak and the flooding. The carpet cleaner has just left after cleaning all the carpet and getting most of the water out of the kiddo's bedroom. Thank goodness! Anyone in the LA area who needs a good carpet guy, can we give you a good recommendation. He got here at around 6 pm and stayed until almost 9 to get the job done right. Awesome.

Now we just wait so as to give the carpet time to dry then we can move things back into place. The kitties are a bit miffed because they've been in carriers most of the afternoon. This gave me the chance to get things ready for the carpet cleaner, and give the litter boxes a much needed cleaning.

*sigh* Only 13 days left before we travel. Have an appointment with the vet for the kitties tomorrow and the fellow who is going to likely fix the patio cover (not our culprit in this instance) will be here on Saturday.

Busy weekend ahead, with me in a movie on Saturday Morning. This is going to be fun!!!

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