Feb. 16th, 2009

unclejimbo: (OMG WTF!?)
Well, AOD went off well and it even appeared to grow this year inspite of the lagging economy. All to the good.

The trip home, not so good. We drove to SFO in a driving downpour and after some miscues on routing made it with plenty of time to catch our plane.

It was delayed until 1:30 AM...


[livejournal.com profile] kyburg and I went up to the Southwest counter and asked if we could be put on an earlier flight if possible. The lady was very understanding and we were put on the standby list for the next available flight which should leave at around 10:45. We were lucky. We did get onto this flightin part because quite a few of the people on the standby list ahead of us did not stay near the gate.

No answer, no seat in the airplane. 'Nuff said.

The flight home was bumpy but otherwise uneventful. We got in about 12:30 AM and was home about 1 AM -- only to find the cats had barfed on everything. The couch, the chair the carpet...

So guess what I get to do tonight? Yea!

Anyone want a cat? (Okay, not really.)

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